About us

The idea of establishing this conference emerged due to the large number of accidents in the electrical energy sectors and in an effort to activate the care of safety systems in most operations in the sector.
Especially after the Corona pandemic,
The conference covers various topics related to occupational safety and health in electrical energy systems and operations, the impact of climate change and the transition to green energy.
Electrical energy operations.. This conference is considered an important event for researching process safety
On energy workers, ideal practices in safety in systems Electricity is a role model for the cooperation of the legislative sectors and the energy industry sectors in order to develop safety in all areas of their work, where they come together Experts from these sectors to exchange experiences, discuss challenges, and present stories of success and excellence, case studies, issues related to legislation, and the latest developments and innovations. It is also worth noting that the conference includes 20 key speakers and more than 20 specialized entities participating from several sectors. Example: International Labor Organization (ILO), General Union of Electrical Workers, Federation Leading companies, institutes and centers from different countries, including…

Trade unions in Jordan, the Arab Society for Occupational Safety and Health (ASOSH), the Jordanian Engineers Association (JEA), and the Danish Trade Union Federation. Companies
And pioneers Patriots   Men Fathoms from
The conference to attract this an idea Subtracting With electricity staff For a union Dariyya Commission I  started the aim And for this Institutions operating in Jordan and some union leaders to participate in this conference to remove obstacles to the sustainability of projects and investment in them to create jobs.
And safe livelihoods for workers in the sector in light of the climate change that people are experiencing.


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